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Can you be overweight and healthy?

Healthy at any size

I remember one time when I was in my early 20s and I had gotten together with a friend to do a work out video.  I was overweight myself, but so was my friend.  The difference was that she was active, and I was not.  Jane Fonda was thoroughly kicking my posterior, and my friend wasn't even breaking a sweat!

The very first topic my instructor presented in my weight management class was regarding being fit at no matter what weight a person is.  I have to admit, I was a bit confused.  Not because I did not believe that to be true, but because everything I had been learning was all about how to drop the pounds and inches.  And, after all, wasn't the name of the class Weight Management?

This article outlines some excellent points, all leading to the fact lifestyle change (fitness and nutrition) can make a person healthy.

I have a client who, at this time, is not necessarily worried about dropping the pounds, however she is concerned about heart disease and high blood pressure, among other health related diseases.  She, like most parents, wants to be around for her children.  I was elated to be able to tell her that studies have proven that with a lifestyle change, she can turn all that around.

 In fact I recently read a post on Face Book from one of my friends who has been training to walk a half marathon.  She posted that she went to the doctor and her blood pressure medicine had been lowered again, and her diabetes is under control!  When I had asked her what she was doing for nutrition, she said she is making slow small changes.   She is doing it right friends, and she is seeing big changes in her health!

Here are some quotes from the article:

"Scientists are now dueling over the relative importance of "fatness vs. fitness when it comes to determining the health of an overweight individual."

"A small but vocal group of researchers have been challenging conventional wisdom. They argue that not only is it possible to be both fat and fit, but fitness is actually a more significant measure of health than body weight."

If you would like to know more, click on this link: 

Healthy at any size

If you are interested about more on the subject and even a book, look into a man named Dr. Glenn Gaesser.  He is very passionate and has done numerous studies and research on the subject.  


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