Thursday, May 4, 2017

Could entitlement be holding us back from exercise and weight loss?

A few years ago my pastor said 6 little words that helped change my world.
"It's okay to tell yourself no."  I lived by that for so many things.  Every now and again I will bring it up in my head and use it for certain foods, but in a world of food addiction it becomes increasingly difficult.

I tend to tell myself "one more", or "After the weather gets better", or "It's right before my period".  Those are just a few of my addiction messages I tell myself.  But could there be a little bit of entitlement there?  I am telling myself basically that I need this because I shouldn't have to go without.

I am the biggest proponent for eating healthy and not starving myself.

There is a difference between starving and being a little uncomfortable and feeling like if you eat another vegetable of piece of fruit you are going to be sick.

 The message is always say yes.  Think of foods you can say yes to instead of the ones you can't have.

That is a fantastic way to do it, and the more you do this, the more your pallet will change and you eventually will break the toxic addiction and begin to enjoy the foods that nurture and heal your body.

But until then there is a lot of nay-saying.  Meetings at work (not my work) often include donuts, and muffins and the token dried out veggie tray YUK!

Barbecue's often include potato, pasta, and macaroni salad not to mention all of the greasy meats and buns. 

I don't think you need for me to explain what is at these events that seem to be at every turn.

What you want is a way to get past over indulging.

Any tip I give you is going to be saying no to yourself.  Feeling uncomfortable a little bit.  Here are some tips that will help dull the struggle.

Eating a healthy snack before you go.
If you must eat at the even use a small plate and drink plenty of water with your food.
If you are trying to break a sugar addiction BRING FRUIT avoid the desserts!  Even Aunt Kathy's famous trifle.
Remember that each event you get through you become stronger in breaking the toxic pattern.

There is always one fateful day where the dam wants to break.  Fight, fight, fight!  If it breaks and you fall...Simply get back up again and set up a new goal.  Talk to your support system!!  Your team, your trainer, your supportive friend!  Go online and read success stories.

In this day there may be a lot more temptation, but there are also a lot more ways to find support through encouraging websites.