Sunday, September 6, 2015

Choose your battles

My sister once told me "Dude, choose your battles". When she told me that it was when my kids were small and I was still learning how and when to use discipline.  Those words stuck with me from then till now and, I predict, in the future.

When planning a goal you can ask yourself
Is it attainable?
What will it take to attain it?
Why is it important to me?

You won't be able to attain your goal overnight, nor will you be expected to.  This is a learning process right along with everything else.  I recently had a client begin calorie counting as she was at a plateau with her current program.  She told me that it was frustrating because she didn't know how to do it very well.  It eased her mind a bit when I told her it takes a good week to two weeks to get a handle on this lifestyle change, and that I was right there to help her through it.  (she broke through her plateau!)

I want you to know that if you are reading this and you have questions about calorie counting, or how many you need, please message me at .

The more you work on your goal, your eyes will open to opportunities that you didn't realize existed in the past.  You will find new avenues to make your goal a reality.

One thing I love to do is sign up for races.  In order to complete a race I need to train.
I new very little about training, so I…
listened to podcasts
searched the web
checked out books from the library
joined an online community.

I did not do all these things at once, it sort of developed because running is important to me, as is maintaining a healthy weight.

So lets look at the questions I posed above and I will try to answer them by keeping with my previous goal example
Is it attainable?
I want to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks by losing 2 lbs a week.
According to the experts my goal is attainable and safe.

What will it take to attain it?
It will take dedication
willingness to be uncomfortable
a lifestyle change
(this is a good time to think about who else is involved in your goal and how they will respond and how you will deal with their responses)

Why is it important to me?
This is truly the heart of the matter.  This has to be a strong pull for you as it is something that you will consistently return to in thought.  You can sometimes begin with surface reasons, but later change for deeper challenging reasons.  Sometimes as you begin to change or have a success, your goals will change to keep that success, such as "Wow, I feel so great right now and my skin is really looking great! Or "I feel so liberated now that I don't have pain in my knees when I walk and I can keep up with my family!"  I want to keep this up!"  This can make a positive impact on your food choices.

I am very excited to think that you are reading this and considering making and following a goal!

Please include me in your goals and your progress, I would be thrilled to receive an email.

Stay tuned for the next segment of my goal setting series.  

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