Sunday, September 20, 2015

Keep it real goal series R

Last school year my oldest daughter decided to set a goal to get all straight A's in school that year.  She diligently plugged away, putting anything and everything that interfered with her goal on the back burner.  I was incredibly impressed with her effort and supported her every step of the way, I also realized that this goal had little to do with pleasing me, and much to do about a huge accomplishment.  She struggled in one subject almost the entire year holding a solid B.  In the last quarter she received an A in that class, and got highest honors.  That goal for her was high, yet realistic.  Even if she had never gotten all A's in one shot, she still would have maintained an excellent GPA because she was so focused.

Recently we were watching the Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill.  In the movie Jill is visiting her brother Jack in Los Angeles and she only has a week.  One of her goals for the week was to be on a game show.  She does end up being on the Price is Right, but in reality that is probably an unrealistic goal for a weeks time.

This is where we need to be realistic about our goals.

Think about what you want

How soon do you expect to complete your goal?

How long will it take realistically?

What does it take to be successful with you goal?

Are you willing to keep trying and pushing toward your goal to achieve it?

Is your goal really important to you?

What is your strategy?

I suggest taking the pen to paper and strategizing a plan.  Think about the hours you have in a day and how they can best be used to complete your goal.

When can you look through cookbooks to find meals for the week?
On Saturday and then grocery shop on Sunday?  Can you do it on a week night when the family is planted in front of the television?  Do you have time to run to the store after work?  Can you make a list for your loved one and maybe they can stop at the store on the way home?

Is it only you in this goal?  When would be a good time to prep meals?  Prep salads.  One thing I do is prepare a container with bite sized lettuce and celery, I even add the dressing because it is not enough to drown the lettuce.  Then I put my dry ingredients like nutritional yeast, nuts, seeds, and such in a separate container to be added just before I eat the salad.  Not into salad?  What about a sandwich on sprouted grain bread with brussels sprouts and hummus spread?

Keep your goals realistic, but aim high!

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